Product & Technologies

Motor Control

We design and manufacture motor controls that are hi-tech and efficient allowing adjustable speed control and performance. For example, using the motor control in conjunction with a pool pump provides the ability to run the pump on high speed for an hour for optimal filtration before automatically changing to a slower pace thereafter.

Power Supply

We design and integrate the appropriate power supply technology to meet your needs from simple un-regulated power supplies to switch-mode power supplies.

The Fabtronics team is also able to help you determine which power supply is most appropriate for your requirements.


Our communication innovations provide you with the ability to access your products from anywhere in the world with state of the art technology.

Our capability in technologies include:


Bluetooth, WIFI, Radio frequency remote control, I2C (Squared C), SPI


RS485, Modbus, USB, Ethernet

Connect My Pool App developed by Fabtronics:

Watch the video here

googleplay appstore

Display technology

We can provide appropriate display technology to suit your product by designing or customising a range of options including:

LED display, character display, custom LCD display, touch screens for graphic display

Chemical Measurement & Dosing

We supply chemical sensors to help you determine the chemical composition of an environment, for example, the water in a swimming pool.

We can also provide you with chemical sensors to meet your needs for a range of other functions including water treatment and medical analysis.

Combustion Control

Our combustion control technologies are first and foremost designed to meet safety requirements. They are also equipped with the capability of varying the output levels of your appliance depending on your needs. An application of our combustion control is to regulate the temperature of the water in a spa.


Fabtronics is committed to the provision of quality lighting products specialising in LED  technology from single colour to full RGB colour.

Talk to us about your lighting requirements and we’d be glad to offer assistance and suggestions.


We sell electronic controls designed to make your life easier and  reduce your costs.

Our  controls integrate your approach to temperature management no matter what the season is and make it easy to manage.

Both of these controls have the potential to use less electricity, saving both money and the environment.


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