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Here at Fabtronics, we know that having your products manufactured locally means that you have more support and more control over the final result. That’s why we’re passionate about providing our clients with best practice design and manufacturing services. We even offer short production runs so that you can test your product and develop it without the financial and logistical pressure of mass production.

Case Study:
A global partner wanted to develop a unique pool pump that could operate at variable speeds, be energy efficient and could respond to the pool environment intelligently. We worked with our partner to understand their vision and developed the Viron range of pool pumps that exceeded each of their requirements. View the Astral pool website here.


Have you discovered a gap in the technology market that you’d like to fill with your new innovation? At Fabtronics, we work alongside you to build your idea from concept right through to manufacturing. From printed circuit boards (PCBs) right through to new electronic technology, we’ve got you covered.

We take the guesswork out of how to make your vision a reality and we offer you complete support throughout the process. Our end-to-end services are all offered in Australia, meaning you can contact us in real time with any new ideas or questions. Our manufacturing expertise means that we can help you determine the best technology, equipment and processes to use to ensure that your product is a showstopper.

Case Study:
A global partner saw a market need for an automated control system for spas and pools. We worked with them to understand the needs of their end user and developed the Viron Connect 10 Pool and Spa Controller. This enables a user to control their pool or spa settings anywhere in the world using a smart phone and tablet via an Internet gateway.

Product Managers

The technology market grows and evolves faster than any other, so your products have to keep up.

Fabtronics works alongside innovators who have commercially viable electronics products on the market but would like to develop them further to stay ahead of the game.

We enjoy working closely with you to assess your products and create new and enhanced versions. From concept through to manufacture, Fabtronics is here to partner with you to take your product onto the next level.

Case Study:
A global business approached Fabtronics to develop a product that would allow the automated controlling of heating and cooling in buildings, specifically for the Australian market. We partnered with them to successfully develop and produce the Siemens zoning control with touch panel.

Channel Partners

Fabtronics enjoys fostering relationships with other companies to create greater opportunities in the marketplace.

If you’ve got a product that you’d like to redesign to enter the Australian market, Fabtronics will gladly work with you to ensure it’s produced to meet local specifications.

Case Study:
Fabtronics partnered with a global supplier of safety capacitors to address local market conditions. The result was that we improved the safety and reliability of many Australian produced appliances.


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